Shemagh Style Face Protection Snood OP: EAGLE FIRE

Shemagh Style Face Protection Snood OP: EAGLE FIRE

Shemagh Face Protection Snoods for Britacs OP: EAGLE FIRE.


Our MK2 Face Protection Snoods offer the following:

  • -Fully breathable, quick-drying mesh fabric which reduces or stops fogging
  • Discrete low profile design
  • A contoured shape which provides protection to the mouth, lips, and lower cheeks
  • Soft internal padding providing comfort for long games
  • Internal padding ensures you can speak freely and clearly
  • Fully adjustable pull cord to allow for size adjustments - Low profile design which allows for cheek weld whilst aiming down sights
  • Final retail version to include powder-coated stainless steel mesh - Tested to UK limits (500fps/2.3j)
  • Fully compatible with hats, comms, and headsets


Our Blank snoods offer the same great quality fabrics snoods with no protection insert. Just a simple fabric snood.


All our snoods are made in the UK with the best quality stitching and materials. As always, our aim will be to focus on providing a high calibre product with excellent customer service. PLEASE NOTE: Our snoods are designed to cover the mouth area, to protect our teeth from chipping or breaking if hit. They also offer some protection to the lower cheeks. They are not designed to offer protection nose or upper cheeks.

  • Our snoods are designed to fit the majority of adults, and the adjustable pull cord makes them one size fits most. If you need something adjusted to fit you better, please get in touch and we will accommodate you where possible.